Big Toy Indoor Storage gives you the assurance you’re looking for. Your toy’s are always in good hands.
Big Toy Indoor Storage is always here when you need us.
We like to keep your things safe, that’s why we are located in a non-descriptive building.
We love our toys too, so we keep them in the best possible environment. Our building has 24/7 security.
Our Services
Our Mission
“Big Toy Indoor Storage Mission Statement: to provide you with worry-free confidence that your car will be taken care of as though it was our very own.”

Big Toy Indoor Storage – a personal touch!

You have a personal passion, and when it comes to something that you value, something that has become part of your life; you want to ensure that wherever it is, it will be taken care of with a personal touch!


What Are You Looking For in a Car Storage Company?

– A safe, secured, non-descriptive building that has a climate controlled environment

– A professional, skilled and courteous staff who share the same love for vehicles

– A trusting company that will not go out of business

– Easy, quick access to my car

– Competitive rates


What Indoor Car Storage Can Provide:

– Our new building is safe, offering 24/7 security with climate controlled conditions

– The owner is a “Big Toy” collector and has your best interest at heart and all staff are hand-selected by the owner

– Our founding company, Tippet Richardson, has been in the moving and storage business since 1927

– We are located off Hwy 401 and DVP for convenient access

– Our rates are very competitive and we offer specialty car care services.


Your car will be in good company with Big Toy Indoor Storage.
Contact Us today to discuss your car care service.